About Me

I’ve always been interested in living naturally and avoiding as many chemicals as possible but the process was a slow one. I became aware of problems with our environment, food, etc like most people do, by watching documentaries such as Food, Inc.No Impact ManForks Over Knifes, and Genetic Roulette. I also read books such as Prescription for Herbal HealingPrescription for Nutritional Healing and The China Study.

How I started

As I was doing this research on how to live a healthier life it went from an interest, to a reality. I became a victim. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 27 years old.
Nobody knows what causes Crohn’s disease but it has something to do with genetics, the environment (Food, Pollution, etc.) and potentially bacteria. Crohn’s disease is almost always treated with powerful drugs, such as Antibiotics, Corticosteroids, Immunosuppressants, and TNF Inhibitors. All of these drugs have potential serious side effects, from an increased chance of cancer to organ failure. It’s obvious as to why I wanted to take an alternate route to treating my Crohn’s Disease. That’s the story of how I got involved in healing through nutritional, natural and herbal ways.

And so, I welcome you to MedicinalHerbals.net – a website to inform, educate and empower you to take control of your health and well being through natural means.